Monday, September 9, 2013

The Living Word

I'm a believer.  Yes, a born-again believer.  But, I am also a believer in the Living Word.  This is my most-favorite description of the Bible.  Because, the Holy Spirit infuses the ink on the page and it permeates my heart.  Permeates: sinks in, takes over, changes, leaves nothing as it was.  My life took a dramatic turn almost 4 years ago when I decided to get in the Word; not just a Sunday/Wednesday night/Bible Study thing, but .in. the Word.  Memorizing.  Meditating.  Inhaling.  Exhaling.  I have found that in my darkest moments of solitude, despair, and perplexity that the Living Word indeed spoke fresh life into me.

And, He did it again this morning.

Ministry is hard.  My parents (and my brother and I) went on the mission field when I was 7, I began teaching Sunday School at 9, I went to a Christian college, I have been a lifelong member of a local church body, and have been a part of beginning new churches.  Yet, ministry is still hard.  There is growth and maturity, but it is still hard.  I am, after all, a redeemed sinner still living in the flesh.

Anywho, we have a major women's event this Saturday.  I love it.  It stresses me out.  It is always an Ebeneezer encounter with Jesus.  I wouldn't miss it.  But, it is hard.  It is hard because every time I go to church I mentally take note of who has/hasn't signed up to come, has/hasn't signed up to help, has/hasn't XYZ.  It's amazing how when there is a ministry event, people will down right .avoid. talking with you, or even making eye contact, for fear of being asked if they're coming!  The cat's out of the bag, people!  We know you do it!!!  The planning process involves a lot of mental discipline to focus on Jesus, what He has done for me, and purposing to serve for His glory alone.  It's hard.

But, today as I was finishing ordering/recapping/writing/following up/texting reminders/making lists, He did it again.  Breathing life, truly Life, off of my worn Bible.  So, I leave you with it.  Would you kindly pray over Saturday?  (And, if you're in the 479 area and would like to come, please let me know! Under the picture is a link to the event information.)

Beth Moore's LIVE Simulcast - Link to info at host church Second Baptist Church in Siloam Springs

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