Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beth Moore - LIVE This Saturday!

This Saturday is Beth Moore's annual Living Proof Live Simulcast!  She will be speaking live and "in the flesh" in West Virginia and thanks to technology, the event will be streamed live to host churches across the world!  Yes, the world!  If you've done any of her studies, or read any of her books, or watched a youtube video of need no convincing of what a gifted teacher Beth is.  She is hilarious, captivating, and speaks Truth to women like no other woman I've known.  Her ability to discuss the color pink, Starbucks, hair coloring, and shopping and wrap it in life-changing Truth from the Living Word is a God-blessed gift.  Don't forget her love for Mexican food!

Anywho, this Saturday is the live simulcast.  For those of you in the NWA/NEOK area, my church is a host church.  It is Second Baptist Church in Siloam Springs (1950 Hwy 412 E, across from Dickey's BBQ).  Our doors will open at 8:00am, worship with the amazing Travis Cottrell begins at 8:30am, and Beth's first session (of three!) begins at 9:00am.  The cost is $10 (a steal of a deal) and includes both a workbook and lunch.  

This year, Beth is celebrating 15 years of Living Proof Live events!  We will have for purchase the LPL anniversary t-shirts.  The cost is $15.  These shirts are a high quality and a woman's cut (which I appreciate immensely).  

Hear directly from Beth, inviting you to the Simulcast.  If you'd like to find a host church in your area, click here.

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