Monday, August 29, 2011

A mother's threat...

is about the only thing that can get me to update my blog. Sigh. I am a bad blogger. I think about it daily. I write great posts in my mind. But, the discipline to actually flesh out a post or two obviously is a thorn in my side! I have high hopes for blogging...but I don't know...sometimes it's easier to spectate than participate! And, so is life.

I am in a sweet season of life. We are still at just over 25 months of Chris not having a steady job. It's been a long 25 months. But, the Lord is our provider and he is faithful. I read this on facebook today...
‎"Why has God placed your feet upon the pathway that you are now walking? Why has He sent others on pathways that appear to be brighter, easier, or more glamorous than yours? The truth is God has you on the perfect path for your life. There is a God-ordained purpose for each step you take. His purpose is to lead your life on a course that will most glorify Him."
Most of this journey has been about my relationship with the Lord. Do I trust that He is good? That He indeed has the best plans for me? That He is aware of the pain I experience? That I'm ok with where I am because it's where He wants me to be? That He knows right where I am and sees around the horizon?

I am determined to be able to share with Eli, Abi Jean, and Caleb that during this very lengthy stretch of time that I believed that God has me on the perfect path for my life and there is a God-ordained purpose for each step that I take. Ultimately, my desire is for my life course to glorify Him. Not that I made perfect decisions and always had the perfect attitude...but that I can say with all my heart that I am closer to the One than I would have been any other way.

Ok, so back to what else is going on...
The kids are thriving and growing like crazy! Eli and Abi started back at their pre-school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They love their school! As does their mother! Caleb has started smiling and cooing at us. Steals my heart every time!

And because food is always important, I tried a new recipe tonight with this:

Crock Pot + 4 chicken breasts + 2 Tbsp of this deliciousness + 1 can cream of mushroom soup + a touch of oil + salt and pepper + 4 hours on low = a wonderful entree to serve over rice!

I've also started doing some intentional physical exercise (other than picking up items my children leave throughout the house). I really like doing this:

I'm also gearing up for the upcoming Beth Moore Live Simulcast on Sept 10. This will be our church's second year to participate as a host church. I love Beth! My life has been challenged and shaped by her ministry. Plus, she makes being a Jesus seeker very fun- no apologizing for Starbucks, shopping, Mexican food, highlights, and anything pink! But, I also always deal with a great deal of angst before the simulcast. Has word gotten out? Is there anything more we could do? Why, oh why, doesn't every lady make this a priority? Do they know what they could gain?!?! And, so on. It's another phenomenal opportunity to keep me praying and relying on Him.

Well...the kids are hovering next to me. Antsy little things! It's bed time and I'm trying to hold out long enough for Chris to tuck them in! It's a rather easy exchange...I'll be bathing Caleb and feeding him. And then, an attempt to work out tonight before bed.

My final thought: I am ready for fall. I have been burning fall/winter scented candles and reviewing chili/soup recipes. In fact, I'm making an apple pie this weekend. Why? Because it just sounds warm and wonderful!

Last thought: Woo Pig Sooie!