Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Written Word

I love to read really well written things. I, no shocker, am not a good writer. I would rather speak. But, I really am impressed with those who have a gift of writing. Here are a few blogs that are the finest of writers. If you're not already following them, you may after spending a few minutes on their blogs!

Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministry Blog

Amanda Jones' Baby Bangs
(Beth's daughter)

Ann Voskamp's A Holy Experience

Lysa TerKeurst

In fact, I just received a copy of Lysa's new book Made to Crave. I go to begin!

Target and Spring

Nothing like an impromptu trip to Target to make you want to spend a ton of money on items for spring! I mean, we have a lot of winter to go...but I'm missing bright colors and flowers and ruffles and cute shoes. Ahhh! are two dresses I got today (planning on wearing post delivery) and some shoes that I would like in every color available. Couldn't find pics online of the bathing suit I would get if Chris and I were going to a beach somewhere far away (as in passport required) or the fun purple purse I saw. Oh well. Here you go!

The neck on this is fantastic. Plus, it is as soft as a favorite t-shirt. And, I don't know why, but I'm certain it looks better on me than their model. Hmmm. Maybe I could have a new career? Right.

This is a great orange dress. Looking forward to wearing this post delivery with fun sandals! Well, for some reason Target's website doesn't want me to share it with you. I'll have to take a pic when I wear it. And, share with you the cutest thing Eli said when I tried it on at the store.

On to the shoes...
Well. Hmmm. Maybe now is the time to talk about my desire for a laptop...PC. I know, Mac's do SO much, but I want a basic laptop that I know how to use and can get all the pictures I want! Ahhh! So frustrating.

So, really this blog is about the new gray dress and all the other stuff I wanted to share, but couldn't download the images.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Finds!

Here are some new purchases I'm enjoying...

New face wash! I find myself leaning towards all Neutrogena products. I love their makeup. It may be because I'm getting older. But, it's fantastic!

New foundation. Again, it may be because I'm getting older. Or that winter sucks any color tone out of my skin. I usually use a stick (looks like lipstick), but I thought I'd change it up a bit. Any who, it's doing the job well.

And, because I'm not that old! I l.o.v.e. these shoes! They are so very very comfortable, go with everything, and are a bit more stylish than running shoes! My cousin has them with a touch of pink, but no such luck for me. If you do find them though, size 8.5 please!

Ok...I've spent at least 5 precious minute looking for a picture. Still not 100% at using Chris' Mac. So, here's a link: New Balance 460 Kaleidoscope Collection I also saw there is a new J Crew Collection. I'll have to find time to study up on that! Anyhow, Joe's New Balance Outlet is the best place to get them online. We've bought shoes through them before and were very pleased!

Lastly...because winter seems to have been long already (and we're really just getting started!) I just had to paint my toenails my favorite OPI color. Yes, DC Cherry Blossom. Added a little bit of color to the white/gray backdrop of snow.

Happy Tuesday! Let me know if there's something you're loving! It may need to be added to my radar!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love is a verb

Yes, DC Talk coined the phrase back in my junior high days- but these are a few reminders I've seen in the past week of love displayed in action...
1- A family in our church has befriended a man, who to say the least is socially awkward. Anyhow, he has since been saved and is faithful at our services. After last Wednesday night's service he stood and thanked the congregation for providing him with gas to heat his home. He was in tears at the generosity of others. I didn't know we had decided to do that, but I am not surprised. We are to meet our brothers needs if we can. And, we've had some insanely cold nights. His genuine appreciation was beautiful.
2- I met a Peruvian family that is serving as missionaries to the Hispanic community in our area via a local church. The church sponsors them through immigration, however they have not continued their commitment to provide this couple with an income. Now the couple not only does not know how they will be able to provide for their family (they have two children), but they are at risk of losing their sponsorship and having to return to their country. Yet, they continue to serve the Lord and seek him for guidance. The husband said, "You know Scripture says we go from 'victory to victory.'" Um. I believe that's a direct reflection on Psalms 84, "they go from strength to strength" - which happens to be one of the most influential verses of my life. Their love for the Lord is greater than the hardships they are enduring. It also reminded me of the honor it is to support the IMB through the Southern Baptist Convention.
3- It was reported via facebook that my brother spontaneously bought lunch for two Airmen at Applebee's. Not sure much more needs to be said about that.
4- A single mom in our church had to go on a business trip that began early Sunday morning. A couple in our church had arranged with her to pick her kids up at their Dad's house so they could make it to church. And, then they took them out to lunch and to their aunt's house (to stay while their Mom was gone). It's wonderful that our church body takes care of each other. What a help for this mom.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peas in a Pod

I really.really. would like to have one of these. Only, with 3 peas! Love.

If you have never visited The Vintage Pearl's so now and enjoy a new love! Their button is on my side bar.
Until then, I'll be thinking of the best thing vegetables could give us - a sterling silver and pearl necklace design!

Week 1 Recap

I agree with you. If I say I'm going to blog, then I need to blog! Get on with it already!
We have had one v.e.r.y. busy week! We returned last Sunday from Louisiana and I thought I had two days at home with the kids before the craziness unleashed. I am helping out at one of Dad's tax businesses and the kids are going to Pre-K five days a week during the crazy season. Crazy is right! So, Monday I was eating lunch with the kids while we enjoyed one of Abi's new Minnie Mouse cartoons (and surrounded by no less than 10 loads of laundry and Christmas debris) and the phone rang. The school. I figured they wanted to remind me I actually needed to register Abi (b/c why wait to the last minute?). Well, very kindly Ms. Marsha reminded me/informed me that school started that day, not Wednesday! Right. So after naps we made a mad dash around town to get Abi registered and get a nap mat and everything else I thought I had two days to do!
The kids love school! Praise the Lord! They do go to a fantastic learning center at a church and I am totally at ease with them there. Definitely a blessing! I'll do a separate post about Abi and her school experience. If I had a dollar for every time my parents have said this week, "She is just like her mother!"
The tax season is quickly upon us. There are some major changes this year thanks to Big Brother. They are really good at telling you how you can spend your money, but also at telling businesses how they can make money or not. Big government. Hmmm.
All the changes this week have left me with a bunch of Braxton Hicks contractions- not sure I remember having so many this early (21 1/2 weeks) in my past pregnancies. But, maybe my muscles are just more relaxed third time around. I'm also having more sciatic nerve/hip pains. Growing a baby is tough! But, it's a blessed reminder that Caleb is growing and thriving. And, we are very thankful for that!
To add to the awesome first week of the New Year, we also had Abi's 2nd birthday party! {I'll try to get a post done on that too!} I was very stressed about getting our house clean and Christmas decorations down! Accomplished about 2 hours pre party! I am thankful to have a husband that just assumes the job of dismantling the tree- to be fair, I was busy making cupcakes with blackberry buttercream frosting! sum up the week- it was crazy busy, but the Lord brought us thru in one piece! And, I now have a list of other posts to write! And, pictures! Until then, I'm going to have some coffee!