Friday, December 18, 2009

Great Awakening Update

I've been trying to get the time to post. Well, let's be honest. Again, I'd still rather read other blogs than update mine! But, now is that moment! Running has been going really well in the past two weeks. Last week I got a bit off-focused. It seems like I get in a regression mode after two weeks. But, I've persevered, thanks to my husband who continues to encourage and gently chastise me if I wonder from the goal!
That being said, he took me to get a new pair of running shoes! And, insoles and socks! What a treat! I had had my other shoes since before I was pregnant with Eli! And, since we don't have health insurance, it's cheaper to get a new pair of shoes than paying to see a podiatrist. Because, well, I have in the past and it's pricey. Plus, an injury would halt my training all together.
The night I got my shoes I was able to run 4 miles straight! So excited! I can't remember the last time I did that! I took yesterday off- my legs were plum tired!
Anyhow, I had been going through my closet and filled two trash bags full of items for Helping Hands. When Chris brought our suitcase in (because we're not procrastinating on the packing front!), it had a bunch of clothes in it that he wanted to know if I wanted to donate. Well, I have two pairs of pants in my closet I try on that really measure my body changes (b/c the scale doesn't cooperate!). And, for the first time, I could zip up the size 8's! Now, they're not quiet ready to wear in public, but it's a start!!!
So, I decided to try on all the "old" clothes. Oh my goodness! There were a size 8, black, Banana Republic pants that Chris got me for my birthday when we were first married...and I can wear them! Yes, the waistband cracked a bit...well...because they haven't been worn in 4 years! But, they're in such good condition that I've not been able to part with them! I also tried on my homecoming dress from my senior year in high school and my going-away dress from my wedding! I told Chris that I can't wait for someone to ask me where I got it and for me to say, "Well, I bought it over 7 years ago for my honeymoon. And, yes, it's taken me another 7 years to get back into it...but, I'm in it!!!" I also tried on the dress I wore to my sister-in-law's wedding this summer - and it's big everywhere! Hurray! I am super pumped about the clothes possibilities that are right around the corner! Thank heavens I have an emotional connection to clothing and didn't throw them out in the past several years! It also reaffirms the value of buying quality classic clothing! When shopping as a teenager/college student my Mom always required that I buy mostly classic clothing pieces. Who knew?! And, yes, I still filled a third bag full of clothes to donate.
So, the new running shoes and "new" clothes really encourages me to keep going! Today is another 3 miler (who knew that would seem so easy?!) and tomorrow is the big 5 miles! I've started charting routes in the neighborhood to run on decent weather days.
Tonight we're having Christmas with my family at our home! I can't wait for the kids (including Chris) to open their presents. Tomorrow we begin the descent South. We'll spend the night in Conway, then drive to Jackson, MS to stay with my dearest college friend and her family. I'm hoping we can run together on Monday! Then, Monday afternoon we head to Louisiana!
On Tuesday Chris and I are going to Gulfport, MS to spend the day shopping and just together. We'll be celebrating 7 years of wedded bliss...and the Gulf Coast brings back lots of memories of early married life. Maybe I'll share some of that on another post.
So, obviously, if you're still reading this, I had a lot to write about. And, the kids are still sleeping, and my home is buzzing (washing machine, dryer, coffee pot, dish washer).
Thanks for enduring the babbling! May you have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rogers Christmas Parade

Monday night we took the family to the Rogers Christmas Parade. The last one we attended, well, I was a senior in high school and Chris and I had minimum interest in each other! Oh, the difference 10 years can make!
Anyhow, we met up with the Keelings at the Rogers Board of Realtors office. We celebrated Ms. Cindy's birthday with cake, soup, cookies, and all sorts of other goodies. It was like our own private box for the parade! Which was nice since it was about 35 degrees outside!

Eli was awestruck! He loved the policemen on their motorcycles, the firemen, the schoolbus (for a church), and all the Snoopy's. But, I think his favorite was the Heritage marching band. He has talked about them every day since!

Uncle Cliff bought Eli a red light-up sword. That was also a big hit. If we had a dollar for everytime we've had to say, "Don't hit anything with your sword! Watch out!"

Abi had a great time too. She watched part of the parade inside with Ms. Cindy. She wore her red fleece jammies that say "Snow Cute." Which, she is.

After the parade we rode around to look at Christmas lights. Eli is passionate about them! We've decided this is a definite family tradition!

Here are a few pictures of our evening:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sleep Tight

Here's the thing. My life can sometimes seem so busy. And, at times, so slow. And, at times, burdensome. And, at times, very light.

I think I felt all of these today.
Every night I check on the kids before I turn in to bed. And, watching them rest and dream makes me realize just how blessed I am to be their Mama. Even on the hard days, I am blessed.
Just the other day...

And, then this day...
And, now...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life update

Well, I've got another 3 miler under my belt! One more, then it's up to 4 miles! It's amazing how the battle is mental. I guess it's pretty much like life in general.
Yesterday was a weird evening. It's like I was trying to create a situation where a certain sin would "just happen." Totally Satan screwing with me. And, my mind battled with "oh, there's always grace, etc." And, if you know me, then you know that I loathe when grace and mercy are blatantly taken advantage of. But, thankfully, the Lord was protecting me (once again). And, I'm forever thankful for His protection.
I've also had some other challenges the last few days. Again, mentally. I just don't do well in general when I'm tired. But, it's like at night I have a hard time going to sleep. I think it's because Chris is a night owl and I relate me staying up to quality time with him. Anyhow, so I get stressed about owning our own business and literally, within 5 minutes we had two people interested in insurance. Chris was like, "I was just praying for this." Thank you Lord!
Anyhow, the kids are amazing me every day! Abi has began clapping...or doing patty cake. She's also full of smiles and googlie talk. I think she's working on food. Also, today she discovered the duck call! It's so funny! She crawls across the living room with it in her mouth, sucking in to make the call! Then, she smiles and giggles and can't do it just then! Which, cracks her up more! Eli is learning more each day. He really enjoys our undivided attention! And gum, and suckers and popcorn! In fact, right now he's snuggled on the couch with Chris, under Chris' old blanket with football players on it, while watching Rudy.
Our family is doing well. We're continuing to learn to walk by faith and enjoying not worrying about our abilities, but our availability.