Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Super Woman

Super Woman.  The elusive pursuit that we all seek after.  If you're like me, what Super Woman looks like changes often.  She depends on how I'm feeling, what I've eaten lately, how my clothes fit, how my kids are behaving, how my husband is behaving, what my checking account balance is, how much gas is in my vehicle in relation to pay day, how much time I've been in the Word, what I'm feeding myself in regards to media, and the list goes on.  The truth is...

Whew!  I need that reminder at least once a week!  At. Least.

So, this morning as I was trying to determine how to best fill my day {laundry? meals? clean floors? shower? mow the lawn? what's the best time to start school?}, I decided that I didn't need to be Super Woman.  She is not God's goal for me.  God's goal for me is much better and when I allow myself to be molded by Him and for Him; well then I am my best!  And, what gets done gets done! And, Mama is happy, calm, and engaged in her family!

This morning I enjoyed coffee outside while the kids played "planting a tree." I knew it would result in dirty little toes and more dirt in parts of their bodies that I wouldn't find for hours.  But, I also knew that outdoor imaginary play pays out dividends for their development, friendship, and energy levels.  {Which is a way better payout compared to cartoons or Ipad time.}

As the rest of my day unravels at the pace the Lord sets, I leave you with this picture of 30 dirty toes.

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