Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Monday, February 27, 2012


{This is our family picture from when Caleb was born.  I love it beyond words can describe!  It's hard to believe our family looks so different 9 months later!}
I have no idea how it is going to be March on Thursday!  And, thanks for my brother reminding me, I haven't updated the blog since Christmas Eve.  We have been going at 90 miles per hour since then.
We are so blessed that Chris was transferred to the Siloam Springs AT&T store beginning in February.  Already his commission is 3x what it was in Bentonville in January!  This change has us going to Siloam every day (he works on Saturdays and we have church on Wed and Sunday). So, our house is up for sale.  Maybe the 8th time is a charm!  We listed it last Wednesday and we've already had three showings!  Our prayer is for ONE family to love it and want it as their home. 
We're spending half our time at our home and half of it at my parents.  That makes for good savings on gas, but not so great for calm evenings and mornings.  But, we are grateful they have opened their home to the 5 of us!  Woah!  So...again, praying for our home to sell!
The kids are adjusting like champs!  I am working in our family's tax business during the season and the kids go to our church's learning center.  They LOVE it!  It's hard to believe how fast they've changed since the holidays!  Eli is hilarious and ready for Kindergarten (gulp).  Abi Jean is also hilarious and has quiet the fiesty side!  And, sweet Caleb is crawling everywhere and pulling up to standing position!  How?!?!  But, I love it!
I have been investigating a new business interest.  It all revolves around banana bread.  I'll have to do a stand-alone post on that!